What is Go Out Worldwide?

It is a place to meet people who share your interests, to find events or people to participate in your events and go out there to meet them in person at event!

Who are Go Out WorldWide users?

Active, outgoing people like you who have different interests and passions and they share it with you for free!

What does Go Out WorldWide do for you?

It connects you to active people offline and encourages you to do what you love with people who love the same!

Have you ever felt like no one shares your interests or that tonight you are up to something different from your friends? Or had to change your plans because someone canceled last minute?

Well, now you can do whatever you want to with people who wish to do exactly the same at any time anywhere in the world!

Whatever you're up to - create an event in the matching category of interests and find people who would like to do the same together with you. Or be aware of all the events around you in the categories of your interest and take part in them. Categories of interest include anything from sports and entertainment to travel, education, fund raising, health & beauty and many more. Whatever your passion is, go out there and share it!


Available here online or as an iPhone app!